Since I was little, I've always opted to pen + paper to draw, jot down ideas and dreams. I began heavily journaling in 4th grade and to this day ( still keep a notebook and pen under my pillow 😂) Journals, planners and cute lil office supplies really get my heart going (a little more than it should but oops lol) and I'm so excited to share to further this love with creating my products!!! 🤩

I have always DREAMED of this but thought "that's an idea for someday in the future". But in Summer of 2020, after creating a "Island Girl with A Plan" graphic for social media, I thought to myself "How cool would this be on an actual planner?"
KERSHASCORNER was created in hopes of providing cute and functional products that'll keep you motivated, inspired and organized. 
Thanks for your support of my small business dream! Happy shopping!
- Kersha